giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

The Emasculated

In the morning Jed woke up tired but al last he had decided: he was going to be emasculated. His friends who admired him unconditionally, because of his reputation as a callous womanizer, tried to dissuade him in every way.
- Are you sure you are not doing something stupid?
- No guys,I have made up my mind , I want to stop once and for all to betray my girlfriend with other women. To keep faith with this commitment, the only way is to have it cut.
His explanation did not satisfy  at all, rather they got upset even more, thinking it was a shame. One who can make love to three women, in three different places, in one night could not end his career like that. Emasculated.
- But you won’t be able to do it anymore ...not even with your girlfriend!
- Well, we have not done it for a long time.  She is not interested in sex and I would love to be like her. For this reason I am resolute, I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 10 with a renowned specialist who works in a private clinic in vogue for this type of operations.
His friends did not protest anymore seeing their myth adamant.

Next  morning, Jed showed up on time at the front desk of the clinic. They made him wait until an older man dressed in a white coat and looking very friendly,approached him.
- Nice to meet you I am the surgeon- said the old man with a good natured tone - I wanted to ask you some questions before going through the operation.
- Why do you want to do it?
- Why do you care? - Jed blunt.
- Son, every person who comes here to be emasculated,  he only does it for a very specific reason. I do not care about your private life but I want to know your real motivation.
Jed remembered how some of his friends, when they wanted to ask him a favor they used to offer him some grass to subdue him. The doctor gave him the same feeling. For this he decided to explain himself.
- I‘m doing it because I’ve got tired of betraying my girlfriend. She loves me and I love her too. Unfortunately I can not give up sleeping with other women. She suffers, but she will not let me go and I feel guilty.
- Does she know you came here?
- No ,she doesn’t.
- Why do you not call and ask her what she thinks about it  before doing something so extreme?
- Do you think it would be a good idea?
- I say it would be a good idea to call her.
Completely at the mercy of his words so much so that if he had asked he would have done it by himself, Jed called. The phone rang in vain that no voice responded from the other side.
- Look, she is not answering and anyway  I have made up my mind. We have given up doing it for ages, a clear sign that she hasn’t been very keen on sex for a long time and from now on I won’t be interested  myself anymore.
The old doctor didn’t try to dissuade him anymore, indeed he decided to hospitalize him immediately in order to work shortly thereafter.

A few hours later Jed awoke in a bed inside a large white room. He felt strange in the lower groin as if something was missing. He saw around him as he and other young people were waking up looking around bewildered.
- Hey man are you awake?
A weak voice was calling him on his right.
- Yes - Jed replied and then turned around looking at him near his bed.
- Have you emasculated yourself too?
- Yes and you?
- So am I.
- I assume that everyone in this room have been emasculated. Am I wrong?
-No, you are right.Do you want to know why I did it?
The silence of Jed persuaded the emasculated to continue his explanation.
- I have personally done it as a proof of love for my girlfriend who told me that I should show her  my repentance after I regretted that I had been caught in bed with another.
That explanation, though not required,comforted Jed. Then he was not the only one.
- And you?
- I had the same exact reason.
- Well then,everything is solved.I guess that you will be forgiven after this act.
Caught by an unexplained anxiety, Jed nodded with his head almost imperceptibly. He then waited for a few seconds,just the time to relax from his party who continued to stare at him while waiting for their conversation to continue.
- Will you excuse me a moment? I have to make a call! - Said Jed
- Ok - replied the emasculated.
He dialled the number of the girl on the keyboard of his mobile phone and waited. Even now it rang empty. He rested his head on the pillow and then closed his eyes, feigning sleep. Trying not to be seen, taken under the sheet to press the green button of his phone, he redialled the last number called to the bitter end. He fell asleep doing this.
An indefinite time passed, which seemed to Jed he was dreaming the same sound over and over again. A kind of melody that is repeated ad infinitum, and that is closer and closer. He opened his eyes and realized that he was not dreaming. That was music he had heard hundreds of times, like the ringing of a phone. A busy chatter of female voices was heard behind the door of the room, making it quite arousing. Jed woke up and immediately after the door opened, letting the doctor who had operated in together with a large group of girls. Every one weeping or laughing, approached the bed of some emasculated. Among these, there was Jed’s girlfriend. With shining eyes and pale she went towards the bed where Jed was lying accompanied by the surgeon . Drying her tears with a handkerchief, gently began to speak.
- Honey I saw that you were calling me but I told you not to waste the call. How are you?
- Well thanks – answered Jed - so you know?
- I know that you have repented and that you have done it for me, not to betray me again. So I forgive you for all those times you did it.
Jed wanted to embrace his girlfriend and thank her for having forgiven him but all that came out was a silly smile accompanied by an avalanche of thanks.
- You don’t have to thank me darling, besides I want to ask you a small favour!
- Anything for you love!
- From now on as you cannot do it anymore, I hope you won’t mind if I sleep with other men. Of course it will be just sex, I will always love only you

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